1357899214contracting and custom servicesIf you own a drywall contracting company you’ve probably experienced this before.

You’ve been on tools all day, then at the last minute remembered, you have to meet one of your builders at the end of the day to measure a job. You race through traffic, trying not to make your customer wait. When you’re halfway there, you realize you left the scrap of paper with the address and the job information, on your desk in your home office. You make a quick call to your customer to get the job site address again, and let him know you will be there soon. Once on-site, you apologize for being late, and get the job specifics again. You shake his hand and say goodbye. As he goes home to his family, you realize you’ve got to get a move on if you’re going to get this job measured before dark. Once you’re finished your takeoff, you go home to a hot shower and a meal. Afterwards, you intend to go into your office and add up all your hard work, so you can email off your quote. But for one of any hundreds of reasons, you don’t get to it.


After about a week, your builder called to say he’s not yet received your quote. When you see his number on your call display, you start to sweat. Thinking quickly on your feet, you think of an excuse why he doesn’t have it yet. (damn email, damn fax machine, damn dog!)


With the 3rd Arm Quotes, this will never happen again. Here’s why…….
When your phone first rang about the upcoming project, you fired up the app on your iPad. You filled in your customers information from your existing contacts. You entered the job site address, and filled in some basic job specifics while you spoke on the phone.  Once you agreed on a meet time, you tapped on select appointment, and then selected the “Meet with builder to measure job” option. The address and text was preloaded into iCal by the app. All you needed to do was pick the day and time, and set the appropriate alerts. The 3rd Arm Quotes has been streamlined in such a way, that you were able to enter all this information without affecting the natural flow of the conversation. Because you use iCloud, you receive the alert, on all your devices. This made your appointment very hard to miss.


Once you received your alert, you opened your existing job in the app, and hit the “show in maps” button beside the address. When you got to the job, (on time) you already had all the particulars the builder gave you over the phone. So after a quick walk-through of the job, you sent him on his way and started to measure. After you entered all your board, you selected one of your preset pricing codes, added a couple of skylights, and hit the “Generate PDF Quote” button. You then sent your customer his email while you walked back to your truck. Three blocks from your house, you got a call saying your quote looked good, and how impressed your customer was with your efficiency.

That night you had a hot shower, a hot meal, and a cold one in front of the television, with complete piece of mind. The next day, you sent an email to your supplier, your boardmen, the scrap guy, and your taper, straight from within the app. The job went off without a hitch, and you stood head and shoulders above the competition, due to the 3rd Arm Quotes.

Efficiency is the key to any successful business. Within a couple of jobs, you will cut your quote times in half, (or better) as well as increasing your accuracy in both your quotes, and your material lists. Once you’ve used the 3rd Arm Quotes, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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